An LCD TV is a smart buy because it offers the highest resolution quality possible. The world of plasma televisions has come a long way in recent years, and consumers have begun to take notice. The crystal clear picture quality and space saving low profile design of the LCD TV are among the most attractive benefits of plasma TV ownership.

LCD TV viewing is superior because it has a very low glare factor, in fact, almost no glare at all. This is because of the flat profile of plasma televisions. Unlike a normal curved TV screen, which catches light from any direction and sends it to you in the form of glare, a LCD TV is only vulnerable to light disturbances from a particular direction, kind of like a mirror, and unless there is a powerful light source right in that specific spot, the LCD TV will not reflect it back at you.

The reason LCD TV screens can be so flat and efficient, is because it does not have a cathode ray tube like a normal TV. These electrons hit a surface that fluoresces, giving you a pixel on the screen. This means that a CRT TV has to have a curved screen and enough depth to position an electron gun behind it to shoot the image out of the TV. An LCD TV, however, doesn’t have a CRT tube. It has a light source with polarizing filters and a thin layer of liquid crystals which makes it exceedingly thin and much more proficient.

Plasma televisions use far less power than a normal TV so, although an LCD TV will cost you more initially, you will actually save money in the long run by cutting down on your electricity bill. But by far, the best thing about owning a LCD TV is the clarity of the image. Because there is no distortion from the curved screen that normal tvs have, you will simply never see a clearer image than on a flat panel LCD TV. The Sony plasma tv and Panasonic plasma LCD TV have an edge over their competition, because of their superb resolution technologies and clearer defined boundaries. Furthermore, if you are looking for best iptv UK to gain access too 5500+ Ultra HD channels then you can check them out for their subscription plans.

Overall, the flat panel LCD TV will make your everyday television watching experience much more enjoyable. But when you rent a dvd and throw it in your home theater system with your new LCD TV, you will be in movie watching heaven! The high resolution picture quality will blow you away! Purchasing a plasma television will give you the movie theater experience right in the comfort of your own home.