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Whatever option you pick, make sure you get it covered with suitable catering van insurance. Gas ovens tend to be more efficient, easier to control, and capable of reaching high temperatures very quickly and cooking pizzas in no time at all – great if you’re after a fast turnover. They also tend to take up less space, so are a good option for smaller trailers or catering vans. It usually takes around 90 seconds to cook a pizza in a wood-fired pizza oven so pizza catering is a great choice when you’ve got a lot of guests to feed. I use only the finest ingredients, mostly direct from Italy. The three key parts are the base, sauce and the cheese.

Pizza For Festival Weddings

These are wood-fired portable red pizza ovens that can cook 4 pizzas at a time. You can use this mobile pizza van hire option for small and medium events as it can serve up to 90 guests with ease. We offer high quality mobile pizza catering for private bookings for your party, wedding, corporate events, festivals, The Pizza Post christenings, birthdays and more. Our popup pizza stall can be set up almost anywhere – your garden, driveway, private venue, field, festivals, etc. The Pizza Post is able to cater to your activity, no matter whether it’s a sit down banquet, casual self serve buffet or a late night supper.

Delicious Wedding Wood Fired Pizza Catering

Baked within our Quirky, Unique Pizza Trike we make, bake and serve pizzas to you… We run food trucks with purpose, delivering great food and connecting people in the process. Our chefs are all local people who want to connect with their local community. We have hired them for two private events this summer in our garden serving Pizza Van Catering over 180 pizzas which were consistently perfect and the chocolate calzone frankly was heaven on a plate. So no queues, eat as much or as little as you like and try different pizzas – The buffet is the wedding pizza winner. Yes, We can cater for most dietary requirements on the spot however its always useful to know beforehand.

It means guests get served much faster,they can try a few different flavours and they can graze at their own pace rather than having to eat a whole pizza at once. What do you need to know about both the culinary and the business sides of the mobile pizza trade? We give you the inside info on everything from mobile pizza ovens to marketing to catering van insurance. The type of mobile pizza ovens you choose and the number of guests invited ultimately depends upon the event you are hosting which holds to be a major element that decides the cost of a pizza van. Add a bit of theatre to your wedding or special events with our massive pizza oven!

Trained in the world class ‘Napoli’s Style’ pizza school in Naples, you can be assured of an extra special pizza experience. Pizza San Carlo uses a hand shaped traditional prefermented biga. This dough has a unique 24 hours fermentation process, to ensure the highest quality of the pizza. We have two stylish set-ups which means we can accommodate almost any size garden or venue, whether small and intimate or grand and prestigious. The beauty of our catering system is that we can tailor to your personal needs and desires and we are always happy to discuss alternative menus to help create your perfect celebration or event.