Tips for washing clothes to make them smell good

If the clothes you wear still has an unpleasant smell even though it has been washed It’s probably something that makes you girls feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable to wear.

especially if it is a musty smell caused by washing machine that has not been cleaned for a long time would have microorganisms and other pathogens piled high

When washing clothes It was inevitable that those smells were attached to them. But we have a way to deal with that problem. This will bring you back to fresh smelling clothes as before. Let’s see.

Washing method

  1. For washing to smell

You should start with regular cleaning of the washing machine, at least once a month, both in the spin drum and the drying drum.

With the use of washing machine detergent or make your own detergent by using baking soda with hot water to prevent the accumulation of germs until causing a lingering smell to the fabric

  1. Whenever you wash clothes

Should manage to separate the types of shirts first. If any clothes are dirty and has a very musty smell

which may be the clothes or sports socks or doing other activities sweaty and there was a strong smell of fermented sweat

If washing together with other clothes The stench may be trapped together. Or if there are soil or mud stains, they should be removed completely. before being washed

  1. If there are wet clothes

such as towels, if you still need them should be placed in the sun or eye to dry

but if not used should be washed immediately If piled up in a basket with other fabrics would cause a musty smell to occur

  1. Choose a special detergent.

That is unique in dealing with musty odors in particular. And help manage to kill various pathogens as well.

  1. Dirty clothes very musty smell

If possible, use hot water for washing. because of the high temperature will help kill bacteria and also make detergent Work better.

But may be careful about the type of fabric to be washed as well

  1. When finished washing immediately bring it up to the eye

Don’t leave them all together in a bucket of damp clothes that have been piled up for a long time. will cause musty smell


  1. After putting the clothes in the sun until completely dry

It should be put on the hanger immediately. and if hanging in the cupboard Should use a deodorant bag. hung inside too

Here are 7 easy steps for how to do laundry. This will help your favorite clothes smell good. No more foul odors.

Cleaning is very important in life and in today’s civilized world there can be no conception of a healthy life without adequate cleaning. So, you should arrange to deep clean your home after regular intervals. Regular cleaning will keep it refreshing and welcoming.

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