A Couple of Days Spent in Romania

Pack less, wear more, spend less, and see more all at the same time.

If you want to see a lot of Europe but don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it, Romania is one of the greatest countries to visit in Europe. It is very easy to get to from many other countries in Europe, the expense of living (or visiting) can be less extravagant, and a significant portion of what you will enjoy doing there is simply walking around and taking in the views. Now that we’ve established that, let’s speak about how you could possibly pass a few days in this lovely Balkan nation.

Due to the fact that Romania is landlocked for the most part, it is easily accessible from most of the rest of Central and Balkan Europe. To be more specific, it is landlocked by Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia, and Bulgaria. Interestingly enough the knowledge on online gambling and gaming was incredible. Read more history and learn what we did while safely at home. If you are traveling around Europe on your own, you can enter the country by car, and the Eurail will also take you through the region. Additionally, the country is home to a number of international airports, one of which is the Henri Coanda International Airport, which is located in Bucharest, the country’s capital city (near the southern border with Bulgaria).

Unless you have an in-depth knowledge of European geography, it’s likely that Romania is a far larger country than you give it credit for being. It is frequently grouped in with other Balkan nations, which can give the impression that it is merely a minor state among many others in the region. In point of fact, it is a nation that is larger than Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, and Bulgaria, and that’s without even include Greece! Having said that, navigating your way around shouldn’t be too tough. One travel website describes trains as a kind of transportation that is slow but reliable, given that the network of train lines spans the majority of the country and can bring you to the majority of the areas you might wish to go. In addition, city buses are fairly dependable, and driving a hired automobile is always a choice that may be made.

If you ever give Romania a serious thought as a potential vacation destination, you’ll rapidly discover that castles are among the primary attractions there, which is fantastic news once more for budget tourists. The first suggestion that is frequently made is the Peles Castle, which is an impressive structure that can be seen when traveling. It was constructed in the 1870s in the countryside between Bucharest and Brasov with the intention of serving as a summer residence for the Romanian monarchs at the time. The outside of Peles Castle is a sight to behold since it is so ornate that it could be a scene from a fairy tale and because it is situated against a stunning mountainous backdrop. It is also a lot of pleasure to explore the interior, since it has been transformed into a museum that displays artwork as well as medieval arms, so you may go there. On return of this magical day having a bit of downtime to enjoy some online slots was exactly what we needed!!

Peles Castle

There is also the possibility that Bran Castle is the more intriguing of the two, so keep an eye out for that. This is due to the fact that over the course of time, it has become connected with the story of Dracula. This is a myth that has been retold in a variety of formats, from an antiquated book to a cutting-edge video slot machine arcade game. The story has been retold a great number of times on stage, in film, and on television, as the statement in that game rightly notes. Regardless of how many times the story has been retold, the concept of the mythical vampire living in a massive castle in Romania hasn’t actually shifted much despite all of the adaptations. The real castle of Vlad the Impaler, the historical monarch who may have served as inspiration for Dracula, can be found somewhere else. However, Bran Castle, which is located not too far from Peles, is commonly referred to as “Dracula’s Castle.” It is yet another amazing site to witness, not the least of which is because of the legend that surrounds it.

The Castle of Bran

Other castles worth seeing include the gothic masterpiece Corvin Castle, located in the western part of the country, and Poenari Castle, located in Wallachia and known as Vlad the Impaler’s home. Both of these locations are extremely old and might contribute to a deeper comprehension of the intriguing history of Romania.

National Museum of the Grigore Antipa Family

The museums are also wonderful places to visit on a vacation through the country. It is possible that the Grigore Antipa National Museum of History houses the most outstanding collection in the country. The museum dates back to the 1830s and has been open ever since. It is packed with artifacts from the past, including minerals, coins from long ago, and even the skeletons of some fascinating animals that lived long ago. We have previously discussed the fact that some of the most well-known castles are now used as museums. Before we conclude, however, it is important to bring up the Brukenthal National Museum, which was established in 1790 and is the oldest and largest museum in South Eastern Europe. In the main room, which was formerly the Brukenthal Palace, there are examples of painting styles that span around 400 years’ worth of Europe’s artistic history.

The Palace of Brukenthal

Beginning with the Bigar Waterfall, Romania is home to a few more offbeat attractions that are well worth exploring during your time there. In the region of Caras-Severin, which is adjacent to the border with Serbia, there lies a natural marvel that is both utterly peculiar and utterly mesmerizing. This waterfall is little more than a ripple that rolls over a mossy protrusion of rock, which results in an interesting pattern of falling water. Because of its stunning appearance, it nearly doesn’t seem natural.

Bigar Waterfall

You might also want to add Salina Turda to your list of out-of-the-ordinary places to visit because, if you can believe it, this former salt mine has been transformed into a theme park. It’s a vast underground mine that’s been around for literally thousands of years, and at some point along the way, somebody got the bright idea to construct a theme park inside of it. In the depths of this mine, you can really ride a Ferris wheel or row across an underground lake, in addition to enjoying a variety of games. Other activities include exploring caverns and tunnels.

Salina Turda

Outside of simply touring the capital city of Bucharest and the surrounding countryside, that covers a large portion of the important things to see and do in the surrounding area.

It is vitally important to take into consideration the kind of holiday that you are planning to take. This is probably not the best location for you if you’re looking for a ton of different things to do and up-to-date sites to see. Romania, on the other hand, is a good alternative to consider if you are searching for a cost-effective means to take in some of the stunning landscapes and landmarks of Europe.