Wellbeing And Corporate Health Programmes & Workshops

Learn what mindfulness is and how you can benefit from its day to day practice. Virtual Open Door Calm Space – teaching techniques to manage mood, stress, anxiety, guided meditation etc. Please note that all our workshops are available online to core students, no matter which campus you study on. 

Our Wellbeing Workshops, led by experienced Wellbeing Coaches, provide high impact, interactive group coaching solutions designed to encourage and support your employees to make positive lifestyle changes. Attend our sessions early to understand how to manage any negative thoughts or feelings. Our workshops will help give you the confidence and skills to succeed in your studies.

Newman Health & Wellbeing exists to improve the quality of life for individuals and to make a positive contribution to the communities and organisations to which they belong. Both close to Bartley Green where we are based and within wider Birmingham and beyond. Maximising time during lunch hours we aim to cover the nitty gritty stuff that’s holding your employees back.

Staff Research

Explains the personal and societal benefits of kindness and shares motivation for increasing kindness to ourselves and others. Teaches that optimism is a skill we can cultivate and grow, and shares strategies to achieve this. Shares tools on personal and collective levels to stay buoyant, cultivate calm and bring compassion and courage to our lives together, in the midst of external crisis.

Encourage And Support Behaviour Change Amongst Staff

Promoting wellbeing in the workplace can have huge benefits on its employees and the company. Workplace wellbeing is the foundation of everything from productivity to health, profit and return on investment, and workshops can play a huge role in that. 

These workshops teach a range of new skills and techniques that young people can practice in their own time. These workshops have been designed for all young people to access, regardless of their creative abilities and interests. Mastering Resilience Build the resilience of employees, teams and leaders with our evidence-based workshops and resources.

New Courses

Aims to boost productivity and performance whilst reducing stress, anxiety and burnout. Brings awareness to the status of burnout as a significant work-related illness, highlights the signs and symptoms and shares strategies to prevent it. Meditation is an incredible tool to support us at times of uncertainty and change.

To book onto this workshop please visit or if you have any queries please email Inspiring workshops covering all aspects of wellbeing, delivered onsite or ONLINE from our team of wellness experts. Download our self-help leaflets and find out the best ways to improve your wellbeing and keep a positive outlook.

Our fun and interactive follow on challenge provides data in the form of an optional end of term report for your school. To book onto this workshop please gowithbedo.comor if you have any queries please The workshop will be delivered online via Zoom in two, one-hour sessions over two consecutive weeks. 

To book onto this workshop please or if you have any queries please email Singing, flower arranging, crafting, essential oil workshops and art classes. 

It’ll provide them with the tools and resources to improve their sleeping habits. During these uncertain times, Health Assured can provide virtual training sessions for all of the workshop topics below. Hosted online and directly to your employees’ devices, our virtual sessions are held at a time and date that suits your organisation. 

Provides an understanding of the importance of social connection to our health and wellbeing, and shares strategies to improve this. All workshops are designed to empower staff with insight and tools to make positive changes. As with many workplace concerns, a proactive approach is far more effective, and prevention is always better than cure.

Business And Employers Case Studies

Understand what mental health is, coping strategies and how to support colleagues. Although it’s a law, not every organisation has the approach of promoting wellbeing. Hosting wellness workshops allows you the opportunity to cover specific topics in greater detail with your employees. 

Once your employees have a greater understanding of the initiative, work with them to create a strategy to action goals to maximise the workshop’s effectiveness.

You need some pressure in your life—without deadlines, nothing would get done, after all. But too much pressure can lead to stress, which can make life a lot harder. Enables and motivates teams of remote workers, designed for managers and leaders. 

Explains the legal requirement to create a psychologically safe working environment, and the actions everyone in the organisation can take to achieve this. Shares strategies to avoid injury through training errors, both in the gym and when playing sport. Share strategies to elevate your running style and training and minimise injury.

Please note some of the activities offered by UCA are funded through the University’s involvement in the KaMCOP UniConnect programme and therefore must be attended by a high number of target learners. 

When booking or requesting an activity, we may get in touch to discuss the number of KaMCOP ward learners within the proposed group. Where this is the case, numbers need to be agreed in advance in order to book an activity.

This workshop explores the unique pressures on men’s health and shares strategies to enhance personal wellbeing and support others. Provides an understanding of the crucial role of gut health to physical and mental wellbeing and how to improve digestive health. Provides an understanding of stress and shares strategies and tools to notice and release stress, to promote greater calm and wellbeing.

Students will be guided through mindful breathing and mindful seeing techniques. By the end of the workshop, students will have learned two new mindfulness activities that they can practice in their own time, which can help students to relax, slow down, reduce tension and stress. If you would like more information or assistance, you can visit wellbeing workshops.

During this workshop, students will be introduced to the technique of mindfulness and weaving. Students will learn about the importance of taking care of their mental health and wellbeing. This tactile workshop encourages students to focus on learning a new technique and work towards creating a woven artwork.

Alcohol Awareness

They will take care of planning and logistics to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery. Your dedicated Account Manager will be your main point of contact, working closely with you to understand your requirements and ensure success. Our expert team are fully focused on driving outstanding results for our clients.

A free 90 minute workshop, aimed at supporting parents to build resilience and increase wellbeing in pregnancy and parenthood. Our NHS Sleep Workshops look at the reason why you are struggling to sleep and help to get you back on track. 

A two-hour free session to help people manage a range of sleep problems from waking in the night to struggling to fall asleep. Just talk to our consultants about setting up an employee wellbeing program. Employee Health Checks Promote a healthy workplace with our employee health checks.

This seminar will explore how eating well can help avoid health problems both now and in the future. In this seminar, we’ll give tips and advice to all employees so they can spot the signs of women’s health issues early. 

This seminar will help both men and women better understand the various changes that occur during all stages of menopause and feel confident about managing them. Our virtual and onsite workshops are available for up to 20 people to attend.

Our flexible workshops can be delivered in a format to suit you, from multiple, bitesize half hour sessions to in-depth half and full day sessions. We also offer webinars to support companies with staff across multiple sites or who work remotely. 

The positive impact that changes can have on the wellbeing of individuals, departments and the University as a whole can be significant. Employee wellbeing is the promotion of combined elements to encourage employees on how to improve the overall health and wellbeing inside and outside of the workplace. 

Fresh Perception is passionate about enabling the working world to be sustainably productive, and provide a happier, healthier working environment. We engage with employers to roll out the welcome mat to ‘divergent’ workplace wellbeing. Our creative team of experts are the ‘nuts’ introducing employees to innovative office health and wellbeing techniques.

You’ll discover what the menopause actually ­is­, how it affects the body and mind, and how to support people at this time of life in the workplace and beyond. We offer a thorough trauma workshop—teaching your staff to recognise what trauma is, and how to cope. 

You’ll learn how to create a supportive culture, helping each other deal with traumatic stress. Health Assured nutrition workshops teach the importance of healthy eating, both at work and at home. We show you how to improve energy and concentration without resorting to more caffeine. Health Assured offers a stress management workshop teaching your employees and managers about stress—both the good and bad kind.